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Weekly Blog: 10th May 2019
This week we have continued our new topic: Myself and my community

Activities this week have included:
  • introducing key words and phrases in different European languages such as singing a colour song in Italian
  • learning about how Britain is a part of Europe and decorating a British flag
  • lots of listening games: environmental sounds, animal sounds and instrumental sounds
  • playing a group game where we looked at photos at described them encouraging the use of prepositions and positional language
  • learning about different European dances, we then interpreted a May Day dance with ribbons and used the staff as a maypole
  • lots of splashing in puddles during this wet week
  • looking at a powerpoint based on food around the world and discussing food we like and dislike and also the importance of healthy food
  • sorting food pictures into healthy and unhealthy categories
  • listening to the hungry caterpillar story, discussing food and making hungry caterpillar pictures
  • listening to our initial sounds CD and linking the sounds to letters
  • lots of mark making for the younger children and name practice for the older children
  • choosing art materials from the drawers for independent free art: sticking resources, paint dabbers, paper, ink stampers, crayons, chalk, whiteboards and marker pens
  • learning new songs and actions
  • listening to stories

Please make sure your child has a named sunhat and has suncream applied before they come to playgroup. For those children staying all day we will reapply suncream at lunchtime.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Julia, Sharon, Lisa, Hannah and Jackie
Chesterton PlaygroupChesterton Playgroup