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Weekly Blog: 7th June 2019
Chesterton PlaygroupThis week we have had the weekly theme of learning about our five senses.

Activities this week have included:
  • a circle time learning about how humans grow and what we need to help us grow
  • drawing pictures of our family and what we did in the half term holiday
  • a circle time based on what we can hear, going on a listening walk and playing an environmental sounds listening game
  • a circle time based on the sense of smell. The children had various smelling pots to smell and describe (cloves was not popular but chocolate was!)
  • a circle time based on sight and what we can see, we played I spy and spotted different pictures in books
  • a circle time based on touch where the children felt different textures and described them (soft, rough etc)
  • a very popular activity = tasting different foods. The children had a tasting session of different flavours to try including lemon, lime, yellow pepper, and breadsticks with salsa and tzatziki
  • learning about safety as it is child safety week. We have learnt about being safe when out and about, crossing the road, sun safety, being safe on the beach and water safety
  • lots of stories and music
  • playing with gloop, sand and water
  • reinforcing our expectations of behaviour in the setting: kind words, gentle hands and treating the resources as well as we would our own toys at home
  • choosing art materials from the drawers for independent free art: sticking resources, paint dabbers, paper, ink stampers, crayons, chalk, whiteboards and marker pens
  • the most popular afternoons this week were the two afternoons we had at the primary school where the children had a sporting event organised for them by the year sixes. We are very grateful for this opportunity and the children had a great time

We are expecting the photographer Ian Taylor to be visiting us next week on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The leavers group photo is to be taken at 11am on the Tuesday. If you have any questions about this please speak to a member of staffbr /> br /> We hope you all have a lovely weekend.br /> Julia, Sharon, Lisa, Hannah and Jackie
Chesterton PlaygroupChesterton Playgroup