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Weekly Blog: 13th March 2020
Chesterton PlaygroupThis week the children have been exuberant and keen for all activities!

Activities have included:
  • listening to our story of the week:never sit on a lion
  • lots of physical activities for sports relief, we have: enjoyed yoga, an obstacle course, throwing and catching and running as well as meditating!
  • finding numbers from a group and focusing on our number of the week:13
  • finding shapes in the environment
  • lots of discussions on hygiene and reinforcing good handwashing practice
  • making crowns
  • practicing recognising our letter sound of the week:u
  • learning about the festival Holi and creating some fun colourful artwork
  • continuing our helicopter stories, story scribing and story acting, this really helps with children literary skills
  • continuing role playing in our new baby clinic role play area
  • matching pairs of socks and noticing patterns
  • enjoying ring games and singing
  • counting and recognising numbers with books and games
  • recognising 2d shapes and introducing 3d shapes with our shape of the week: a cylinder
  • reminding ourselves of the rules of the setting

As usual the weekly blog represents a snapshot of what most of the children participate in during the week. Please speak to your child's key person if you would like to have further information about your child's interests and progress. You are welcome to ask your key person for feedback at any time and book a time to have a meeting for feedback on how your child is progressing.

NOTICE: We are aiming to recruit new Trustees so that we can have a handover period with our remaining Trustees to help with continuity. We need Trustees in order to remain open and we greatly appreciate our Trustees for their time and commitment. If you are interested in taking on a role now or in the future then please speak to Julia or one of our existing Trustees: Mallika Sumner, Laura Evans, Lisa Steptoe and Catalina Nickson.

Hoping you all have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes, Julia, Grace, Sharon, Lisa, Jackie and Amy
Chesterton PlaygroupChesterton Playgroup