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Weekly Blog: 8th October 2021
This week we have enjoyed a range of games and activities

This week we have:
  • had messy fun experimenting with gloop
  • played with the instruments and guessed the sound of which instrument was hidden behind a screen
  • played a mystery game guessing the missing object out of a group of objects
  • outside the children have enjoyed using natural objects to make their own pizza party
  • the children have also enjoyed rolling down the small slope in the garden
  • we had a group game rolling a die, counting the spots and matching it to the correct numeral
  • we have sung jolly phonic songs and focused on the letters s,a,t,p,i,n there has been a lot of duplo construction this week
  • we have sung a lot of songs and rhyming
  • we have developed our mark making skills and pencil control though fine motor activities
  • there has been a lot of gluing fun at the craft table and painting with cotton wool and pegs as well as painting and decorating Autumn leaves we have enjoyed sound discrimination games
  • group yoga time while focusing on an Autumn story was a great physical activity
  • the children had a lovely experience with the nature table and thank you to the families who collected things, the children enjoyed talking about this at our group circle time, along with show and tell
  • the children have enjoyed superhero play this week and developed their imagination through role play
  • we have been developing our cutting skills
  • we have learnt about Harvest, looked at photos of crops that are harvested and talked about where food comes from

NOTICE: Save the date! We are having a fundraising stay and play session on the 19th of November 12-2pm. We welcome donations of cakes to sell and the playgroup team will provide drinks for a small donation. Please join us.

As usual the weekly blog represents a snapshot of what most of the children participate in during the week. Please speak to your child's key person if you would like to have further information about your child's interests and progress. You are welcome to ask your key person for feedback at any time and book a time to have a meeting for feedback on how your child is progressing.
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes, Julia, Grace, Sharon, Lisa, Hannah, Jackie and Amy
Chesterton Playgroup