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Weekly Blog: 13th May 2022
This week we have been following the children interests and focusing on the book of the week: Titch, we have also:
  • read the stories the tiny seed, jaspers beanstalk and other stories related to growing plants
  • enjoyed playing in our role play garden centre
  • built structures and towers with wooden blocks
  • we learnt about how plants grow and what plants need to grow. Also the life cycle of a plant
  • had a lot of mark making activities this week, including writing labels, names and forming patterns
  • together as a group we made up a story
  • we have focused on recognising our name and the older children have been writing them
  • we have acted out pretending to be a growing seed
  • played what's the time Mr Wolf outside
  • practised number formation
  • sorting shapes
  • physical activities included: jumping beans, rolling dice and clapping the number, yoga, riding bikes and scooters, chalking, throwing and catching balls and playing action games and songs
  • measuring and sorting blocks
  • phonics games including looking at three letter phonic word objects, listening to the letter sounds and guessing the objects
  • lots of maths activities such as measuring things and comparing if they are smaller or taller than each other
  • lots of singing
  • cutting, painting, sticking and plenty of craft activities such as making crowns and life cycle pictures
  • lots of nursery rhymes
  • planting seeds
  • talked about caring for the environment
  • talked about our emotions and our rules and boundaries

As usual the weekly blog represents a snapshot of what most of the children participate in during the week. Please speak to your child's key person if you would like to have further information about your child's interests and progress. You are welcome to ask your key person for feedback at any time and book a time to have a meeting for feedback on how your child is progressing. Hoping you all have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes, Julia, Grace, Sharon, Lisa, Hannah, Jackie and Amy
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