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Weekly Blog: 10th June 2022
This week we have been following the children interests and focusing on the book of the week: The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. We have also:
  • enjoyed playing in our doctors role play area (which was voted for by the children)
  • been creative with stickle bricks and wooden blocks
  • played lots of listening games
  • focused on recognising numbers and number rhymes
  • enjoyed lots of stories, rhymes and singing
  • looked at different emotions and drew self portraits
  • sang phonic songs and enjoyed phonic games
  • played with the small world toys, including the garages and train track
  • lots of fun playing outside in the sandpit, riding bikes and scooters, playing ring games and ball games
  • learnt about prepositions with the gruffalo by describing his position using a box
  • there has been a lot of fun at the creative table with paint, glitter, gluing, cutting, mark making, paint dabbers, drawing and stamping. The children really do enjoy choosing their own resources from the craft area
  • As part of safety week we learnt about a different topic each day including: road safety, the nspcc pants rule, internet safety, fire safety and people who help us. The children were very good when practising the fire drill.

As usual the weekly blog represents a snapshot of what most of the children participate in during the week. Please speak to your child's key person if you would like to have further information about your child's interests and progress. You are welcome to ask your key person for feedback at any time and book a time to have a meeting for feedback on how your child is progressing. Hoping you all have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes, Julia, Grace, Sharon, Lisa, Hannah, Jackie and Amy
Chesterton Playgroup